About The 4-H Fruit Fundraiser

The 4-H Fruit Fundraiser is an annual program operated by the North Olympic Community Foundation (NOCF) in association with the respective 4-H councils in Jefferson, Clallam, and Kitsap counties. The fundraiser helps to support youth programs on the Olympic & Kitsap Peninsulas.

Each year volunteers from 3 counties work to process orders, transport and distribute tons of Washington grown USDA certified organic fruit, twice. Once in July, and again in August.

The NOCF has been operating the fundraiser since 2017.

4-H Fruit Fundraiser Goals

  • All proceeds benefit 4-H youth programs
  • Use only USDA certified organic fruit
  • Source only Washington grown fruit


How It Works

Step 1 – Order

Order online or mail in your order form to:

PO Box 1364
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Step 2 – Harvest

We wait for the fruit to be ready to harvest.

Step 3 – Notification

Once we receive word from the orchard that your fruit has been harvested, we will email and call you to confirm when your order will be available for pickup.

You will receive two phone calls ~7 days and 24 hours before the pickup date.

Step 4 – Transport

Our volunteers transport your order to your selected pickup location.

A list of locations is available here.

Step 5 – Pickup

You meet our trucks at any of the locations in your county to pick up your order.

Our volunteers will be waiting to help you load your order into your car.

Step 6 – Receipt

Once you have picked up your order, you will receive an email with our completed order receipt attached.