Organic Apricots (20lb Case)


Fresh certified USDA organic apricots from Eastern Washington. 20lb Case of US No 1.

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Apricots are a versatile addition to baking, canning, eating fresh, or preserves.

“Apricots are one of the smaller stone fruits. Their shape is rounded yet oblong. The skin is smooth and velvety, golden orange with slight rosy blushing, depending on variety. The fruit contains a loosely connected central pit. Younger apricots will be slightly firm, and somewhat sweet, yet lacking developed flavor as they ripen even after they are harvested. Ripe apricots are sweetforward with a slightly tart finish and a juicy, tender mouthfeel. 

Apricots can be eaten raw, dried, pureed, roasted, grilled, baked or cooked into jams. The kernels (pit) of Central Asian varieties are also roasted and used to make apricot kernel oil. Apricots pair well with other stone fruit, including cherries, almonds and plums. They can be utilized for fresh fruit salads, for savory salads and appetizers and for desserts. Other complimentary pairings include honey, egg custards, seafood such as scallops and prawns, lavender, lemon, orange, cardamon, pistachio, cayenne, pepitas, mascarpone, burrata, chevre, vanilla, white chocolate, yogurt, hazelnut and olive oil. Apricots can be added to cakes, muffins and cookies and be made into ice cream and gelato.” Source:

PICK-UP INFO: Order deadline for Apricots is June 15th. The orchard plans to harvest in late June, and 4-H volunteers in your community will contact you with an email and phone call to let you know the pick-up time and location. See for more info.