Organic Pears (20lb Case)


Fresh certified USDA organic green d’Anjou pears from Eastern Washington. 20lb Case of US No 1.

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Fresh organic Anjou Pears from Eastern Washington. Each case contains beautiful pears ready for eating, canning, freezing and baking! Approximately 20 lbs per case.*

“Anjou pears are a medium-sized variety, with a slightly egg-shaped appearance. The green-skinned pears have a short, squat body and almost no neck typical of a pear. The bright green skin is often blushed with a rose flush on the side most exposed to the sun while on the tree. The flesh of the Anjou pear is bright, white and dense with a slightly sweet flavor with subtle notes of citrus. Anjou pears are very juicy when ripe. Anjou pears remain green when ripe, with only a slight change in their bright green-colored skin. Press gently against the stem end of the fruit to test for ripeness. Anjou pears ripen from the inside out; if the flesh gives slightly, the pear is ready to eat. 

Anjou pears are versatile in the kitchen. They hold up well to baking and can be enjoyed fresh, out-of-hand. Slice Anjou pears and add them to salads or cheese plates. Anjou pears are perfect for baking into pies and tarts, poaching or making sauces and purees. Stuff pork tenderloin with diced Anjou pear and serve with an Anjou pear reduction. Cold-hardy, these pears can be kept in cold-storage for up to seven months, which is unparalleled compared to other pear varieties. Ripen at room temperature. Ripe pears should only be refrigerated for a few days to maintain juiciness. ” Source:

ORDER INFO: Order deadline for Pears is August 15th. The orchard plans to harvest in late August, and 4-H volunteers in your community will contact you with an email and phone call to let you know the pick-up time and location. See for more info.

*These pears are field packed and approximately 20 lbs. Some variation is expected, +/- 2 lbs.